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Structured Settlements apply to a wide variety of injury cases, regardless of how much money is involved. The most commonly affected individuals are those involved in physical injury, workers’ compensation, cases involving minors and medical malpractice. We, at the Vega Settlement Group, are here to provide you with support throughout the course of the settlement, as we know it can become a tedious process. Settling a case can be very complex and so we make it our priority to advise you throughout all phases of negotiations, mediations, settlement meetings, and court hearings.

Structured Settlements
Provide you with an opportunity to benefit from earning interest without federal tax consequences. How great does that sound?
Structuring Attorney Fees
Allows the attorney to take all or part of the attorney fee to be deferred pre-tax and paid overtime.
Personal Injury
The use of a Structured Settlement for such cases is often convenient and desirable in order to protect the victim financially.
Workers’ Compensation
These settlements allow us to provide our clients with adequate annuities that may cover any current & future medical needs.
Involving Minors
The purpose of the settlement when dealing with minors is to protect the rights and interests of the minor.
Receiving installments, as an alternative to a lump sum, protects claimants from unnecessary expenditures and debt by...
Am I Eligible?
There is a low minimum of $10,000 and no maximum settlement amount required to arrange a Structured Settlement...
Payout Example
The best thing about these settlements is that they are tax-free and prevent an individual from going on a spending-spree...
Qualified Funds
Qualified Settlement Funds are usually established to meet short-term needs, as they are of short duration.
Your Options
There are many different forms of structured settlements; all vary by type and length of compensation.
Punitive Damages
Since punitive damages are taxable, the preparation of a Structured Settlement is critical and should be conducted by...
Medicare & Medicaid
A Medical Disability Trust, or a Special Needs Trust, may also be arranged in order to preserve...
When an amount is tax-free it is not subject to taxation (tax-exempt) and thus no taxes ever have to be paid on that amount.
Medical Malpractice
Laws are meant to protect the rights of each patient and proving medical negligence can be complex and costly.
Receiving installments, as an alternative to a lump sum, protects claimants from unnecessary expenditures and debt by...
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Our process helps ensure our strategies are tailored to your needs. We believe personalized, comprehensive strategies deliver the best results and thrive when they affirm your family traditions, history, and long-term objectives.

  • Comprehensive Settlement Planning
  • Customized plans tailored to each client
  • Qualified Settlement Funds
  • Attorney’s Fees Financial Planning
  • Assistance establishing Special Needs Trusts
  • Public Benefits Preservation
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